Random Shame Generator

Future Innovators Summit @ Ars Electronica:

Digitization in our daily lives, between humans (and also between humans and non-humans) is evolving very quickly. In this new stage of community building and sharing, what will we need or want to share? What would be the errors entailed? Future Sharing explores our actions for tomorrow as beings who exist in a community of some kind, be it physical or digital.

    • What errors could occur in our future shared society?
    • What would humans need to share? ¬†And how would it be realized?
  • How could we arrange for tolerance of errors in society?

In response, I created a random shame generator that creates good intention and understanding between a community of Internet strangers. Input embarrassing stories about yourself, read anonymous embarrassing stories about other people, and feel a sense of vulnerability laden camaraderie instead of fearing all Internet strangers are potential Youtube commenters.

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