Made In Asia started as an event series that highlighted new media and interactive work from creative technologists in China and Southeast Asia. It’s since turned into a consultancy and Creative Tech Lab based out of civic engagement and arts hub, Bangkok 1899.

Founder and Creative Director, Jennifer Katanyoutanant, previously worked on communications for a wide range of clients such as early stage philanthropic grant organization, Synergy Social Ventures, Singapore’s Impact Investment Exchange, and Johnson & Johnson. Now, she designs interactive experiences both on the web and in person.

Current projects include an Augmented Reality tool that turns Ban Chao Phraya Thammasakmontri, the historic residence of Thailand’s legendary Education Minister, into a canvas for digital artists everywhere, an interactive installation that visualizes sound, and a ‘Civic Imagination’ network of Southeast Asian makers using prototyping skills and futures thinking to inspire creative thought and collaboration around our role as citizens in near future society.

In her free time, she experiments with art, tech, and media at residencies such as DinaCon (Digital Naturalism/Interaction Design Conference), Goethe’s Acts of Life Goethe, Future Innovators Summit at Ars Electronica, and was invited to participate in the Oculus Launchpad Program. She has spoken at events such as WebVR for Social Good (sponsored by Samsung), Techsauce Global Summit, Made In Asia’s LA Showcase, and more…

The Made In Asia site is under construction, but if you would like to get in touch, send a message to: